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We are a digital magazine and we write anything and everything about technology. We also release well research articles that talks about IT security.

We understand what quality is about and that is why We deliver quality content that has been well research by a team of experts targeting broad audience who will find this content valuable with a goal to enlightens and educate our readers”

Michael Brown is the brain behind techstrol.com.

He has served as an e-commerce consultant handling various task and proffering solution where needed

  • E-commerce Specialist: Michael brown has founded (and sold) an e-commerce stores that recently got sold on Flipper from which he gained lots of experience.
  • Online Marketing Veteran:Michael brown has been in the online marketing field, experimenting new ideas ever since 2009.
  • Ethical Hacker Trained: Michael brown has invested a lot in courses that has has to do with Ethical Hacking with interest to share his idea on how one could protect his or her computer from hackers .
  • Experienced Writer:Michael brown loves to write articles on tech related niches. You can get in touch with his contact