video Games During A Thunderstorm

Can I Play video Games During A Thunderstorm

Lighting has been known to cause power surge hence, as long as your device is connected to the electricity supply; Making use of any electronic device such as video games during thunderstorm is not safe.

Because your video gaming device is a good conductor of electricity, if you continue playing your video game you are putting your self and device in danger as you can easily be struck by lightning and also getting your device damage. Remember that no game no matter how interesting it is, is worth deathvideo Games During A Thunderstorm

According to CDC , they advice that its safe and preferable not to make use of your video game or anything ( laptops, gaming system, computers etc) that is connected to the electricity outlets during thunderstorm.

More also you might be putting your life in danger if you go ahead because lightning could easily travel through your electrical system or anything connected to the electricity outlets; this does not only applies to your video games but also to other gadgets such as your television, radio set or bars, metal etc.

When next it is raining you should just unplug your device such as your video games and wait until everything is over. More also you should not fail to protect your appliance with whole-house surge protectors although they can’t guarantee much but it’s still better than having nothing protecting your device


Should I unplug my ps4 during a storm?

Yes you should kindly unplug your ps4 during thunderstorm storm. Please don’t rely much on surge protectors, although they are known to protect but their protection is not 100% guaranteed. Instead you should unplug your ps4 and other of your expensive gadgets from the wall sockets unless you want to risk your PS4 to get fried in lightning storm.

What do you unplug during lightning?

According to the Department of Homeland Security you should unplug all electric devices that is connected to the outlet by doing this you are protecting your self from injury or even death that is related to lightning storm.

Because lightning storm are very dangerous as victims that has been struck before often suffered from long term injury and other related debilitating symptoms

Is it bad to play video games in a thunderstorm?

It is very bad to play video games in thunderstorm because you are exposing your self to lightning.

You might say that your game is not connected to the electricity outlets hence you are safe but please remember that lightning does not necessarily need to be connected to an object physically before it can travel or strike;

Hence even if the game you are playing is wireless or wired please it’s recommended that you put it off. This also applies to other gadgets such as radio, TVs, computer etc.

Can lightning mess up your video games?

Lighting can mess up your video games big time. Your video game could be fried up by lightning. Dont risk your expensive device being destroyed and don’t underestimate the power of lightning although it’s often rare for this to happen or the chances are slim but one good hit something bad could happen.

Should I turn off my video games during a thunderstorm?

Dont just put it off but cultivate the habit of unplugging your video games.

It is best you unplug your video games and other appliance connected to the electricity outlet during heavy downpour or thunderstorm because by doing this you are saving your self from being struck by lightning and also you are protecting your gadgets.

More also you should be concerned about your phone lines, aerial, computer network cables most especially if they are wired into the wall, because if lightning hit any of this it could be disastrous.

What does lightning strike the most

Lightning are known to strike the highest point or object in an area. If it accidentally strike your home, first the impact of the lightning depends on if your house is protected or not protected from lightning such as electrical wiring and grounding systems being put in place.

In the event that it strike your home then the first point that will be hit is your chimney or antenna after that the lightning will now have to travel at great speed through any electrical wiring or at some point through plumbing systems.

It is best you do all you can to protect your home as such precautions will go a long way in minimizing a full impact of the lightning. To get this done you can install a lightning rods and most importantly get all your expensive devices in your home unplug.

What are things you should avoid doing in a lightning storm?

According to CDC lightning safety tips, you should avoid the following during thunderstorm :

  • windows: lighting can strike through the window so its best you stay away from your window when there is a thunderstorm.
  • doors: just as you have been advised to stay away from windows, its also wise to stay away from the door.
  • porches: dont sit at the porches during thunderstorm because you are at risk of being struck by a thunderstorm.
  • and concrete: its best to stay away from concrete floor. Also avoid laying on the floor or resting on the concrete wall as lighting are known to easily travel through metals or bars that are inside this concrete.

Just as much as you have been advised to unplug your video games, TV set, radio and other expensive gadgets during thunderstorm it is also important you avoid staying outdoors at this period just as much as you are advised to stay away from your windows, door etc. Just look for a nearby shelter for protection but don’t go under a tree as it is not safe there also.

More also if you are in your vehicle and there is a thunderstorm avoid touching any metal surface of your vehicle.

Finally if you are among groups of people just hanging out just spread out your self and also avoid touching the ground with your feet ot hands.


Although death related to lightning is low in the US. Like for instance in 2021 there were 11 death attributed to lightning while in 2009, 34 death; in 2016, 38 death was recorded. Its best you protect your self and love ones as no game is worth death or injury regardless how interesting it might be


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