Does HP laptop need a voltage converter or it has a dual voltage?


Do I need a voltage converter for my HP laptop

To decide if your HP laptop need a voltage converter please confirm the voltage and frequency requirements for your laptop.

Also to determine if your HP laptop needs a voltage converter depends on several other factors:

such as the model of your HP laptop , the country it was manufactured for and the country you are visiting all this and more put together will determine if you need a voltage converter or not.

All countries all over the world makes use of different electricity voltage reading. Take for instance, in the US for an example you will need an HP laptop’s charger that runs on 110-240V reading while in most European countries you will need a laptop charger of 240 and Britain 230 voltage

Its better you understand what your HP laptop charger’s voltage is before you decide if you need a voltage converter or not.
The only time you wont will be needing a voltage converter for your HP laptop is when the voltage and frequency of what is written on your laptop is within what is written on your laptop but if its outside the ranges then you need a voltage converter

Note: while most older laptops are designed to work in specific countries only newer models are manufactured to work in countries with wide range of frequencies and voltages this will enable this laptops to be used in different countries with same voltage.

Like we said its best to find out what is the voltage requirement for your HP laptop before deciding if to get a voltage converter or not. To find the voltage requirement for your HP laptop just carefully check for a label that is usually at the back or bottom of the laptop. You might need a glass to read all that is written there.

Will i be needing any other thing apart from voltage converter for my HP laptop?

Having checked your HP laptop and you discovered you need a voltage converter, the next thing you should get is a voltage stabilizer this will ensure that your HP laptop is sufficiently protected as voltage fluctuation are adequately detected and your HP laptop won’t end up being destroyed.

How big a voltage converter do I need?

There are factors that needs to be taken into consideration before you can decide on the type or size of voltage converter you will be getting for your HP laptop

Lets walk you through the steps that will help you settle on the type of voltage converter you need:

  • first you have to determine the wattage and the voltage of your HP laptop. We have given steps to check or find out your HP voltage previously.
  • Determine the actual wattage in respect of the voltage of your HP laptop you can make use of this formula : voltage multiply by amperage = wattage.
  • With the above information, you will now decide which voltage converter is best for your HP laptop. Ideally you are expected to buy a voltage converter that is like twice your wattage. This is the recommended standard practice everywhere because with this your your HP laptop will be adequately protected in the sense that the voltages converter won’t struggle to handle the power demand.

Is my HP laptop dual voltage?

Most HP laptops are dual voltage and this makes them to easily switch between current within it ranges without necessary needing a voltage converter. Typically, HP voltage are known to have these voltage reading 100-240V AC or 120-230V AC.

We will like you to confirm your HP laptop voltage by checking the sticker on the bottom of your HP laptop,there every details as regards the voltage is written there. After confirming your laptop voltage you can now decide if its necessary for you to get voltage converter when you travel outside your country.

Can I plug in my HP laptop in Europe?

Most of the newer series of HP laptops manufacture today are designed and produced to meet world demand hence they are designed to work in different countries of the world.

But don’t just risk your laptop, first check the voltage of your laptop which could be seen at the back of your laptop or on the charger of the laptop. If its within the voltage limit of what is obtainable in Europe you should be able to plug your laptop in Europe but if it outside the limit then you need a voltage converter.

Hp laptop charger wattage

Every model of HP has it own specific wattage designed for it but what is found in a typical HP laptop is mostly 45 watts to 65 watts. It is important you use the correct charger with right wattage to charge your laptop.

What happens when the charger watt is low

Although if the charger watt is too low and you perform any CPU intensive tasks the laptop will short down because the laptop can’t get enough power that is required to power the laptop. There are some cases where your laptop will just be discharging instead of charging.

What happens when the charger watt is low

On the other hand if you are using a laptop charger with excess watt there might be no problem because your laptop have a power controller that prevents overcharging.

Regardless of what we have said so for its better you make use of the correct wattage charger designed for your HP laptop because this is the only way you can prevent any damage to your HP laptop.


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