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Does iPad Pro Come With A Charger 2023 ?

Yes,when you buy an ipad pro it now comes with a USB-C charging cord or cable and a USB power adapter; with this you will be able to charge your ipad pro with the amazing fast charging system.

The USB-C charging cord is a 1-meter “fast charging” cable that is capable of transferring data between USB-C devices, syncing and most importantly charging your iPad pro.

To get started, you only need to Pair the USB-C Charge Cable or cord with the USB-C power adapter and then plug it to your electricity outlet.Ipad pro charger

If you don’t have the USB-C power adapters or yours is faulty, please have it in mind that it is sold separately from the stores.


Does iPad Pro need a special charger?

Your iPad pro doesn’t necessarily need a special charger hence you can make use of a third-party charger; Although iPad pro comes with its own power adapter and USB cable that does not mean that you can’t makes use of any other similar charger to power up your iPad pro.

Perhaps your charger might have been faulty along the line hence you need another charger right now. Just have it at the back of your mind that you can make use of any other similar charger and it is not a must it come from Apple.

It might be from other brand out there, but what you need to watch out for is that the cable should have the same connector as your iPad and also it should be a fast charger that has enough power to charge your device so that it doesn’t take too long to charge.

Note: you can use any compatible USB-C power adapter and cable that has same connector to charge the iPad Pro.

Just like we said you can make use of any other similar charger out there.

We encourage you to make use of the specific changer that is designed for your iPad Pro, by doing so you are rest assured that you are making use of a charger that has the right wattage or voltage design for your device.Ipad pro charger

What charger does the iPad Pro have?

iPad Pro make use of an amazing fast USB-C charger, this is a new version of charger that ensures your device efficiently charges very fast with just a few hours of charge time. The iPad charger is compatible with other devices you could find around.

Can I charge iPad Pro with iPhone charger?

You should understand that Apple cables are now universal which means that you can charge your iPad Pro with iPhone charger.
iPad Pro’s USB-C port is the same with iPhone’s USB-C port this makes it possible for both devices to make use of the same charger.

You shouldn’t be happy because your iPad Pro can be charged with an iPhone charger rather you should be more concerned about the inability of the iPhone charger to efficiently charge your iPad Pro efficiently within the expected time period.

This is true because the iPhone charger cannot provide the same charging power when compared to that of iPad Pro’s charger since they dont have the same wattage.
A typical iPad pro charger is equipped with twice the wattage of an iPhone charger.

Hence to charge your iPad Pro more efficiently please make use of an iPad pro charger which boast of much power as compared to that of iPhone.Ipad pro charger

How long does it take to charge iPad Pro?

The number of hours it takes for an iPad Pro to fully charge depends on a number of factors such as the type of power adapter you are making use of, the type of ipad pro you are charging , and most importantly what is the state of your battery? Because this also count.
Hence on the average a typical iPad Pro will charge from 0% to 100% within just 3 hours. This duration of charge time could be shorten if you make use of a fast charger that has a superior or higher charging delivery power like 30w when compared to 20wIpad pro

Is it OK to leave iPad plugged in 24 7?

According to Apple, leaving your iPad charging 24/7 is safe and fine.
It is generally safe to leave your iPad plugged in and charging 24/7 as long as your charger is in good shape and also your battery has no issue.

Most people now see it normal to leave their iPad plugged 24/7 especially those who use their device as HomeKit hub. For their device to function as expected it should be powered 24/7.

But no matter what Apple says as regards iPad battery being overcharged , overcharging your battery comes with long term effect as the battery might slowly deteriorate and this will go a long way to affect its lifespan. So if your phone is idle and you are not making use of it at the moment its best you just unplug it

How long should iPad Pro battery last?

iPad battery has a fantastic battery life but that doesn’t mean that they last forever. Truth be told no battery last for ever, they all have expiry date and with time you will notice that your battery won’t be able to hold up charges as it use to before.Ipad pro charger

The number of years an ipad battery will last before you need an upgrade depends on several factors. It depends how often you make use of the device and how often you charge it, your iPad age also count here,the number of apps you are running frequently on your iPad.

Are you playing games frequently? because performing huge task like game and video editing also counts or determine how long your iPad battery will last.

According to Apple, they boast that their device (iPad) will survive over 1000 charge cycle and still be able to maintain 80% of its lifespan

And when its fully charged it takes an average of about 10hrs to discharge but this also depends on your screen resolution, number of apps running and your settings- all matters





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